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My nephew is three years old, turning four at the end of this month. He's mixed, half black half white. He told his mom (my sister) "Mommy I wish I was white like you". I want to know who or what got it in his head that he's not good enough because of his skin color. He is perfect how he is. He's a handsome, smart, kind little boy. Anyone who doesn't think so just because he's brown skinned can bite my ass and go straight to hell. No one deserves to feel like their skin color isn't good enough, but a three year old?! Come on now. If I catch anyone being racist to my nephew, we're going to have words.

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  • He wants to be all white. Doesn't want hand outs the rest of his life being black.

  • Its a phrase children go through, they're curious and ask questions they do not understand. As a childcare worker, I deal with kids like your nephew. Another issue kinda similar is sometimes children touch each others private parts, not because someone told them to. They didn't know touching someone else isn't right. I educate children ages 3 to 5 about that topic. By teaching them about private parts and know the dangers if someone god forbid touches them they'll know. Same applies with your nephew, he can see people in life with different skin tone so he's wondering why everyone is different. As they grow they'll understand, its honestly up to you or his parents to teach him. My daught recently discovered her grandmother is my mother. She was in pure shock because she didn't know. Teach him that his skin tone doesn't define who he is.

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