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today is an international woman's day and I haven't seen any post mention that. So its proves my point. Feminism are a plague!

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  • Feminism isn't the same and its sad a movement that made history into something of selfishness and men hating. What I disagree with feminism is that they don't practice what they preach. There are women in religious country that have no rights. Women needs to have consideration and be thankful what they have because women that do not have that freedom have nothing. They fight what they believe in and yet leave behind women who don't have the voices. Feminism in this century is a complete joke, a movement turned into something pathetic. Fight for women rights then become voices to those who don't. Want to help fellow women then go to those countries and protest.

  • ...That's not related at all. This is a confession site, not fucking Facebook. People made confessions about Trump because they were scared of him or they needed to get something off their chest they couldn't share elsewhere. Women's Day can be shared everywhere else. It doesn't need to be confessed. And of course you sound like you probably don't follow anyone who is proud to be a woman or who is proud to love women, so why the hell would you see any posts about it? That's like me saying 'I don't follow any Spongebob fans, but I didn't see any posts about the 20th anniversary so I guess no one cares.' Stupid! What you see is based on who you follow. Feminism is not a plague. You and people like you are the reason we need feminism. It's not about making men look bad. It's about being equal between genders.

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