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Women are powerful! can have kids without men. 'artificial sperm' to trick a human egg into forming an embryo. It's the women from the first human generation that populated so men can continue to exist 🙂 the only proven thing is that testosterone is what makes us strong but doesn't mean some women don't got the chance of having testosterone dominance vice versa some men got estrogen dominance

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  • I'm a man! Yesterday was women's day and I saw a lot of hate comments on Facebook live so I decided to put this as a confession that I'm a man and I think equality within gender is very serious! Us men will perish without women but I'm making a point that women have a lot more power than the whole nation thinks 🙂

  • 50/50. without us everything perish and without girls too... unfortunately cuz some of u are hella bitchy, but who doesn't fuck bitches, they're awesome... u need us biiiiitch

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