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When I was young my father left my mother and I and after a while she died in a fire I accidentally started. I was 11 tgen. I left the city and went to another where I met a guy a few years older. His parents were both dead too and he was living with his older brother and his wife. They took me in and a few years later a guy 4 years older came from another country. We fell in love but then I had to go to another town to work. All three of those guys came with me and went to the military base of this town to work. I met the general and he fell for me and some years later we got married. All the while I had an affair with the foreign guy. I got pregnant and didn't know whose was the child so I aborted it on my own because I didn't want my husband to find out. A few months later I was cleaning the house and discovered some documents that were about future plans my husband had to perform experiments to illegal immigrants. I confronted him and he said it was for the best and their lives didn't matter and he sounded sick crazy, I got really scared. He was an extremist, a neonazi white supremacist. He found out I knew the guy from another country (the one I had an affair with) and told me to cut all ties with him, I refused and he started abusing me. From the first day he laid hand on me I started poisoning him and got rid of that pig in one month. I left with my lover and it's been 3 years and tomorrow is our wedding. The only thing I regret is not being with him from the beginning

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  • Good imagination

  • I'll take things that never happened for 500, Alex.

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