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It sucks to know that depression doesn't always have a reason. I know my life isn't bad, compared to others. I don't wipe away tears with money but I have a roof above my head, an education, and food. I should be thankful, yet I feel so unhappy.

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  • This is how I feel and it's the reason I can't tell anyone I gave depression. I'm so scared that they'll tell me I'm overreacting because I've got it easy compared to others. but I'm just so done with everything

  • I felt this way, but only until I found out what depression actually is. I used to think it's just being sad all the time. But it's not. It's an actual illness. Our brain is actually different working than brains of normal people. We're producing different hormone levels all the time. It's all physical, and has nothing to do with our environment. The cause of it can be being sad because of having a bad life - but also because of other mental illnesses that have nothing to do with how wealthy we are. Or it can even be a genetic problem. Don't feel ashamed!

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