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When I told my parents I was gay, they flipped out and my mom started crying because my sister is already a lesbian. I don't blame one bit and probably would have reacted the same way.

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  • The very same thing happened to me (a gay guy) and my sister (a lesbian) about a year ago. We couldn't handle being in the closet anymore so we told our parents. We did this at the same time since we know that no matter how supportive patents will be in the end, it always strikes them as a shock ay first, and we didn't want our parents (especially my mom) to have to go over the same shock twice. She DID cry, got frustrated, questioned what she might have done wrong, blamed her own uterus for this mess (lol) but she eventually got over it and now fully supports us both. In fact our relationship is even better than before. In my experience and my opinion, your patents reaction is logical since this is indeed a bizzare situation but they will overcome it and once the first shock is over they will continue love you as the have been always loving you. As for you, stop worrying, think positively, and more importantly, love yourself, that's the only one who HAS to love you after all :)

  • ...Why were they crying? I don't understand.

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