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I'd gone on a school trip and bought a cheetah plush. I come home, leave it on my room, I play with it, sleep with it and after a few months I can't find it. I thought I lost or misplaced it. I kept looking for it, but after a while I forgot about it. A couple if months later we visit my aunt and I see her daughter play with my plush. I'm sure it was mine because it was from a shop in a town far from where we live and one could find it only there. My mom sometimes gives my aunt old toys and clothes that don't fit me fir my cousin. She fucking gave her my plush without asking me. I'm so fucking mad at her. Firstly it costed 10€, I paid it with my own money and it wasn't cheap for me, but I really liked it. And she also didn't fucking ask me. She just took it. Why the fuck.

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  • Take something of your Mom's and give it away.

  • Talk to her about how you feel then move on. Your cousin is going to give it the love it needs.

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