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Whenever my parents have guests over, they lock me in my room and tell me that if I dare come out, I’ll regret it. They tell me that I can’t use the restroom or get water or come out of my room under any circumstances so I better do all that before they arrive. One time I had to pee really bad and I couldn’t hold it in any longer since I’d already been in my room for a couple of hours so I came out really quickly just so I could pee and went straight back to my room. When the guests left my parents started hitting me and insulting me for disobeying them and didn’t stop until I was on the floor curled up in a ball trying to protect myself. It’s mostly my mom that beats me like that but sometimes my dad does it too. They also make me do all the chores around the house like doing the dishes, laundry, cooking, and vacuuming. It’s really exhausting but they say hard labor is important. I’m getting pretty freaking tired of being treated like shit but I can’t say anything because whenever I get defiant they hurt me without hesitation. I’m only fourteen so I’m not strong enough to fight back and I’m not old enough to move out. I also don’t want to call CPS because if they send me to a foster home I think it’ll be worse. I fucking hate this.

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  • Foster homes are no where near as bad. Just be sure you don't retaliate by violence otherwise it will become MUCH worse.

  • You deserve to be treated right. We hear so much more about bad cases of foster homes because they are bad but trust me there are TONS of people willing to share they're homes and families with someone in need. Your parents have no right of beating you

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