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I jsed to be admired, I wasn't one of the cool kids but people liked me. I had a shitty childhood but I never knew it until I was 20. I feel that I missed so much that now it takes effect. What little confidence I have in myself and the profession I was told to learn is being shattered as I go to another interview everyday, I have a mental disorder that makes me quit jobs after day one because I will hurt myself otherwise. I knew in the past that I wouldn't go on after the age of 40 but I think I'm gonna cut 10 years and do it earlier. my childhood friend now has now graduated from university with a degree I wish I had done and now has the same confidence I used to have. He tells me how hard I must work for things and how things should be if I ever want to get to 40 and live on. I can't go on like this anymore and nobody understands how bad it feels to look for a job for years and get rejected for every good position, while going to other jobs and get accepted for the bad ones. I just can't do this anymore I wish I was brave enough to kill myself but I fail even there

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  • You can't get good positions without working bad ones first. If you quit a lot, of course no one will hire you. Don't give up. Put forth some effort and make things better. A good life will not be handed to you.

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