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I've been going through a rough patch for the past few years or so and I decided that I was going to try some self help. The problem is when I don't feel sad or worried I feel nothing. It's like when I journal I'm sorting all my thoughts away and it's nice and neat and I'm making room for the good thoughts and emotions but they never come. When I try yoga or meditation I just disassociate for the rest of the day and everything is too bright and fake seeming and I'm not a human with emotions anymore I'm just a robot walking round. I don't know what to do because I'm trying to get better but nothing is working.

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  • i feel exactly the same, sometimes i think ive found a way out, but nost times it seems like it's never going to change

  • You have to find something that makes you happy. Maybe art, or writing, or music, or nature. Get out and do things. Don't just sit around journaling and meditating. DO stuff. Of course you'll feel empty if you do nothing.

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