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I'm so mad at my sister . she treats our mom like sh*t. She yells at her and sometimes she confronts her as if she was going to hit her .Our mom Is one of the sweetest person and even though things don't go well with my sister , she keeps cleaning her room and taking food to her room . This morning she was cleaning her room because it was really stinking and when my sister came home she started screaming , saying things like " it's my room , no one can enter it without my permission" and " you're not my mom " , " I can do whatever I want ". She's 19 and was adopted by my parents when she was born . they've always treated her good, she has her own room and they always give her the best stuff. She wanted a pc , she got it ( while I'm 18 and struggling between 2 jobs and college to buy one ).There are so many problems at home , sometimes I just want to go far far away . when I talk to my mom she says that she can't be mad at her because she was adopted and that she has no family.

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  • Had the same problem with my adopted daughter. Never once have I spoiled her, she doesn't any special treatment from me or my husband. She lives under my house and my rules, her bedroom doesn't not belong to her it belongs to me. Unless she's become responsible and independent then she can say otherwise. She wants to act like a child then I'll treat her like a child.

  • To be honest, she's right about the room thing... but the rest sounds quite bad.

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