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I have a sickening feeling that my dad is secretly smoking pot again. He used to be addicted to it, desperately trying to replace the painkillers with it once his doctor took away his prescription. He recently started hanging out with his old dealer, a 'friend' that lives a few houses down the street. And sometimes, I swear I catch a whiff of weed somewhere around the house or sometimes when he walks in the room, but it's usually gone as soon as I think I smell it. I really hope he's not wasting what little money we have on fucking drugs again, cause if he is, my mom will pack up and leave if she finds out, and honestly, I would go with her. He has already promised her twice he'd quit blazing up- back when they were teenagers and a few years ago when he was struggling with addiction. I don't know what to do with my suspicions.

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  • Wow people's comments are harsh. I'm sorry for your predicament. You are probably right about your suspension. Sounds like he's violent and selfish with his actions. What about your mom? Will he listen to her?

  • I'd smoke pot too if I were in his shoes. Give him a break and accept thay nobody is perfect and people are going to disappoint you at times. I don't mean to be harsh but I think your overreaction is rooted in a bit of immaturity. Try looking at yourself instead of looking to others to find faults in.

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