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i was just loading a movie to watch with my girlfriend while checking my mails in the meantime complaining about all i got was spam. when i showed her about the absurd mails i got i noticed that my ex wrote me. shebroke up with me a year ago. after half a year we met and she showed interest again. i didnt feel comfortable with that and said that it doesnt work for me to be friends and i dont want contact to her. in that recent mail she actually was just asking how life is going for me, was appologizing for the way she behaved and asked if we should tell a bit about each other. i really feel like telling her that i dont want any contact with her but my mail programm broke and its not in my power to fix it. if i ignore the mail she propably thinks it just did not reach me. as well my new girlfriend read the mail and didnt feel too happy about it so i want to tell her that i have cut her off again.

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  • If your current gf is seriously upset that your ex emailed you, she's got problems.

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