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I have absolutely no idea what's the last day I had a shower. I'm sure its a week, at least. It's not that I don't want to. I don't have time, I'm in school 6 days every day, I have additional classes almost every afternoon that take from 3 to 5 hours and I spend the rest of the time I have studying. I sleep 5, 6 hours. Showering is a ritual for me. Also my hair is long and curly and it takes forever to wash them. It always takes me at least half an hour and if I haven't showered in a long time, it might take a full hour. And there's no time for something more than 10 minute breaks. Man I'm tired. Fucking Greek school system. It's the worst. If you want to succeed, abs by that I mean getting 95% or more at the exams on June, you have to study continuously for almost a whole year, not a school year, 12 whole months. And you have to have classes outside school and pay a lot of money, because in school most teachers are Fucking Useless™ and they almost never teach everything you need to know, but you still have to waste 6 hours if your day to go to school because otherwise you won't graduate and thus you won't be able to attend a university. And of you score less than 70% there are lots of unis you can go to, but they're considered a failure and you're considered a failure and sometimes even 85% is considered a failure and I'm fucking crying because you may get stressed and then everything goes to waste and you have to spend one more year dying alone at your house but at least you won't have to go to school because you're a failure. I literally forgot how to speak today. I was reading an exercise out loud and when I read a word I didn't recognise it, it sounded unfamiliar like I hadn't even heard it before. But it was a common word and I just forgot how to speak for a few seconds and just looked at it. I can't describe it, but it felt awful. It's three months and I'm shitting bricks because it's both too soon and I feel not ready, but it's three fucking months and it's too much, like it'll never end

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  • I've been having issues lately with washing my hair in the shower. it's medium length and thick as all hell!! I can never seem to get all the shampoo out of my hair! I'll spend like half hour to an hour just trying to get the soap out of my hair but no use and my hair looks greasy as hell the next day. ugh

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