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In Victoria Australia these feminists manage to change a walk sign from male to female. I honestly find this not only pathetic but a waste of time. It's a bloody walk sign and a waste of money to change. Why should a damn walk sign be an issue? You know what's a problem in my opinion, young girls married off to older men because of religion or culture, no freedom of speech for women in religious countries. Why not volunteer their time to charities that help young girls from trafficking and sexual exploitation for an exmaple. I hear in the news about these problems, don't hear feminists helping those women either. Feminism in this generation is a complete joke, its not the same anymore and its sad it came to this.

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  • This is exactly why I'm strongly antifeminist. Feminism is a joke. It's useless, ineffective and childish. And don't any of you dare tell me 'feminism is about equality' because I know the definition of feminism. Just because you call yourself a feminist doesn't mean you actually want equality, most of you all want superiority against men. We have equal rights in the west, get over yourself, fuck off and if you actually want t help women, go to places where they're actually oppressed for once.

  • I'm feminist and I think we must do everything against men

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