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My teacher caught this girl in our class texting and he told her to read the messages out loud before he confiscated it or he'll read it for her and she said the message was "my teacher is a fucking bitch" and the teacher got pissed and said he's taking her phone for the rest of the week until Friday which it says in our handbook phones can be confiscated for 1-5 days depending on the situation. After he took her phone and said she wont get it till friday she went batshit crazy and started yelling, cursing and knocking things over. She pushed everything off his desk, kicked an empty student desk and threw a book at the wall. It was the craziest thing ive seen. I wanted to record it but then that would be me lol. I've never seen this girl act like that. She's usually on the quiet side, more reserved but apparently her iphone brings out the worst in her. Im not sure if they are gonna drop her from that class or suspend her from school or what

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  • She wasn't suppose to use it, not only she disrespected her teacher but also broke the school rule. She'll live.

  • The policy at my school was that they'd take your phone for a week, and then your parents had to come get it.

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