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I'm getting so frustrated with my sister. She's struggling with stress at the moment and so my whole family has to be ready to serve her at any minute only to be screeched at and never receive a word of thanks. The few times I've snapped back she's called me a monster who doesn't understand her anxiety. Well, I certainly don't understand her anxiety but I know the times I've had panic attacks I've just gone to wait it out in my room with the door shut. I know everyone handles anxiety differently but she just loses a homework sheet and we're all running round the house searching for it before she has a panic attack which basically involves her doing a bit of petulant crying. I know she's suffering but we all are too, her anxiety doesn't give her an excuse to treat the people who love her as slaves without thanks or give her the right to treat us like shit without apologising later. I know this makes me seem like an awful, unempathetic person but I just needed to vent so that I don't take anything out on her.

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  • She a bee-otch!

  • I wonder if she even actually has anxiety. She sounds like she's manipulating you guys.

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