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I always look at my sister and feel angry at her. It could be for no reason at all even. She's my twin but I just canr help hating her. She'll call me names and take pictures of me even though she knows I'm insecure. She ignores me when I talk to her. She taunts me and sometimes I just snap. I call her names and imagine what life would be like without her. I even wrote a book on how much I hated her. She just gets me so frustrated sometimes and I can't help just wishing she was dead. These thoughts scare me but I hate her so much sometimes. She's family and I'm supposed to love her no matter what. But sometimes I find it hard to even like her.

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  • Ah, the evil twin...your life is like a real time version of a TV show.

  • I hope you guys can talk it out with maybe the help of a psychologist.... would be nice if you two can short things up

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