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Sometimes I feel bad for my mom. Now that's normal for some family's but my mom abused me and my sister (mentally and physically. She still does mentally.) She also brings guys home without my consent and has sex with them. I dont like and tell her to stop but she just telld me to shutup. But when I go to my dad's (parents are divorced) my sister makes fun of her and say she's mean and a bitch. And onces she gets the chance she's never coming back and my mom will be lonley and regret everything. Sometimes I feel bad about that since my mom is such a horrible person. But I just cant stop thinking about the good things she did for us when we were little. And how she gives us clothes, food, and shelter and we do nothing in return. She's a mean, horrible, lying, backstabbing person. But I still feel bad when my sister says this and she doesn't think about she my mom's given us. Even though she abused us it still gives me hope she will change. But I don't think that's possible for her. Am I a bad person for feeling bad? Or am I a bad person for not agreeing with my sister and dad?

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  • I don't think you're a bad person but I think it's definitely false hope. Abusers don't change, it's who they are

  • You're not a bad person.

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