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Sometimes I want to be in love so bad it hurts. To meet that one person who loves and cherishes you. But I'm so insecure and I wouldn't even know what to do in a relationship. I'm also afraid to have sex. I don't feel ready but I want to have it but I'm too insecure about myself. I cant even talk to a guy. Much less be in a relationship. It makes me feel even more insecure when I see couples all around me and I feel jealous. I get so angry just feeling like this because I don't need someone. But sometimes being alone is lonley. Help?

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  • You need to find someone you can trust enough to feel comfortable with. I want to be that guy. We'll start slow and get to know each other. From there you will know whether or not there is chemistry. Either way you'll at least have an idea of what you want. Think it over for I am in no hurry.

  • How old are you? These things will work out. Patience really is key

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