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My stomach always hurts before work. I'm nauseous, my stomach cramps, sometimes I get headaches. But I just have to suck it up. I know it's stress related. Once I'm there working for awhile it's fine usually. And I know if I leave early, I'll feel better instantly as soon as I'm driving away. I really should see a doctor about that, but I need insurance first.

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  • Lay off the blow jobs for awhile. Think the cum is messing your stomach up. 🤔

  • maybe your body is trying to tell you something. i had similar feeling to a lesser degree when i was studying for university, i listened to it and dropped the idea, moving on to my own journey and now i'm happy. the path i chosen is much harder and more stressful, i barely sleep and work 2 jobs but i know deep in my heart that it is for a purpose that i believe in.

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