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This year's a really stressful and I'm an anxious person, so that's a bad combo for starters. I've always felt little pains on my heart that last for a couple of seconds. They were rare, but a few months ago they girlfriend more frequent. I told my parents about two months ago and we went to a cardiologist. She did some tests and said I'm fine, it was because of the stress. But the pains haven't stopped, they've actually gotten worse though not as frequent. Today during class it lasted for at least five seconds. Idk if it's serious or not, but I'm kinda worried. I don't want to tell my parents bc they'll get scared and anxious and then I'll get scared and anxious. Also, we can't afford to visit a doctor. It's 50€, it's too much

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  • We'll if you can't afford a doctor I would try and find the thing that's stressing you out in the first place. You need to work through that stress and find a healthy balance. Different things can also help with stress as well. From exercise and eating healthy to watching videos that help you "unstress." Find something that will take that away. Having this can be scary but you have to try and slowly unravel your stress. Try breathing exercises, yoga, reading, writing, eating healthy, watching "unstress" videos, and much more. Hopefully this helps.

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