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My older sister is already 26 and she did nothing with her life, she's basically throwing it away.. she got into many different colleges but dropped out of all with no actual excuse to do so, my dad got her a car which is all crashed already, she never had to work while studying. I know she is dissapointed with herself because she is mean to me and others around her, clearly a reflection of the bitterness she carries inside her for doing nothing and wasting all her gifts and privileges. she spends all day either posting feminist memes or sleeping.. i slowly stopped talking to her, not conciously but it just sort of happened, since she seems so disconected from real life while my journey is to be as connected to real life as possible, so the devide grows each day, i can't slow down to pick her up, because she doesn't want it enough, so outside efforts have no effect... she lived abroad in london for 3 months and before that had english classes in the best school here, but she couldn't find a job even with such that are considered huge qualifications here in our country while i'm working 2 jobs. she tells people that it's the patriarchy and i only got the jobs cuz i'm "privileged" but she is the most priveleged and has done nothing out of her privileges

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  • I am similar to your sister. I have depression and social anxiety. My depression prevents me from studying and I just sleep all day. Had to drop out of one college so far. My social anxiety makes it hard for me to get jobs. If I am even able to get an interview, I screw it up because I can't talk to strangers. My family have no clue. They think I'm lazy and just a little shy.

  • Your most is the most sound and reasonable that I have read in a while. I would say for you to stay on the path you are on and ignore any negativity that your sister spews at you. You have wisdom and direction. Your sister will come to you for help once she is ready.

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