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There's this girl at school, she has a boyfriend and they hold hands, at breaks they sit together hugging each other and they're being cute and together in public (not anything excessive most of the time). I'm jealous. I want that. And I can't gave it because people are shitty. Because if I held my girlfriend's hand in public people would make our lives hell. If one of us called the other "baby" or "honey" or anything, we'd get angry and disgusted glares. Why are people like that? No, I really want to know. Why can the girl I mentioned above get away with getting caught sucking her boyfriend's dick in school but we're considered immoral and sick because we love each other? Why is love a crime? Okay, we both have pussies. So fucking what. It's love. It should be cute and beautiful, we should be thinking about how we'll spend the summer but instead we try to find how we're going to come out to our parents and friends, how we're going to survive another family meeting without calling out our homophobic relatives. We're afraid to even hold hands at night in a public place where someone may or may not come, while there are het couples that are one step before shagging in public, crowded places and no one bats an eye. WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS, PEOPLE? I JUST WANT TO BE WITH THE ONE I LOVE

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  • You should be able to be yourself. So who cares what people think! If they have a problem they can take it up with you. You're in love and you should be able to show it. No matter if it's girl with girl. Boy with boy. Or girl with boy. Love is love and the people who don't have it should be jealous that you do.

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