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Sometimes I really don't like having friends at all. I don't feel included whatsoever sometimes. And when I ask what's going on the most popular answer I get is "Nothing." These are my friends too! Not only that but they'll have a full conversation and I'll be sitting right there and they won't even bother to include me. I feel like a second choice if someone is sick or not there. It's stupid but what other choice so I have? I'm so socially awkward that I can't even talk to other people. So I'm kind of stuck. It's stupid and childish because I'll meet new people in my life. But sometimes it gets lonley when no one talks to you.

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  • I just fell out with a friend of 6 years over similar situations. When she needed something I was her first option but when it came to everything i was 4th or 5th option. I held on to the friendship longer than I should have but it's hard making new friends and meeting new people. Like you said sometimes I don't like having friends because it becomes more of a disappointment than anything but when things are going good im thankful to have them.

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