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My sister is a phone addict. She always goes on social media and does nothing else. She says she stressed and had depression and when I suggest help or say you shouldn't go on social media all she does is yell at me. She never talks MY feelings into consideration either. She always has something mean to say. I'm starting to wonder if I'm the one with depression. My mom doesn't help either. All she does is scream at me and call me stupid or dumb. She also thinks I'm worthless and that I'm wrong on everything. Nobody in my life gets me and it's hard to work through these problems. I've even told my mom I should have counselling but she says I don't need it. Sometimes I even believe her and say to myself in just a stupid little girl that shouldn't be worrying about this. But it's really gotten to me and my major panic attacks have started to come back. I'm scared and I don't know what to do.

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  • Get a therapist

  • First of all: you need help. Disregard your mom, if you've gone as far as to admit to someone who should be taking care of you that you need help, you need it. Is there a person at school who could help you out? And maybe, as a last resort, child protective services? (Not necessarily taking you away, but just intervening in the way things are currently going) That may sound harsh, but if your mother is keeping you from the mental help you need, that's neglect, and must be stopped. As for your sister, she sounds like a horrible person to have to deal with. However, it might be true that she has depression. It expresses itself in many different ways, one of which is anger. She could just be making excuses for herself or trying to get attention, but only a doctor would be able to tell. For now, it's probably best to assume she's telling the truth. However, this should not mean you have to put up with all her bullshit, and that she has nothing to apologise for. Take care of yourself first, it's probably better to avoid having too much to do with your sister right now. Good luck, OP.

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