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Been a while since my last confession .. But I've been feeling at a standstill for a while and just recently , some changes have been made in terms of my living situation and it got me thinking again . My fiances brother , girlfriend and child moved in with us about a week ago, And it's been fine, she's a real sweet girl , helpful and all.. So I can't complain. It's just that I feel so stuck, and since we're all they have here , i feel like emotionally I'm not in the right position to be someone's mentor , or be their "one" person. I need my alone time.. I need to be alone even for a little bit, and idk.. I just don't know what the future holds. I have my man and daughter and I love them, I just want to live with them , happily , it's literally all I ask. I didn't mention the best part : my mother lives with us too.. And she's the most difficult person to deal with. I'm just really depressed as usual... I don't know why true happiness for me moves in slow motion. I don't get it. I'm almost 30 and I still don't have the stuff I feel I need to be truly happy. I'm also pmsing so that makes everything a lot worse and not to mention, my man and his brother have been working a lot so we've been alone together and I mean I really like the girl , but I don't like having other people as my responsibility. I already have a 2 year old and she's my only responsibility .. And it's so hard taking care of her when I have all these emotional issues .. And ontop of that I gotta worry about my crazy mother and a girl I just met. I don't want to. And I'm such a good person, I don't get why I need to put my wants last. I deserve to have what I want cuz I've sacrificed that my entire life. I think I deserve happiness !!!

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  • You're completely right to feel this way, and you shouldn't feel bad for it. From what I read, you're a loving and caring person, and really want to help these people. But your own situation prevents you from being able to do that for the moment. As is, your energy is already spent on trying to help yourself, or at least it should be. And that is alright. Sometimes, you'll be the one who needs help instead of the one who can provide it. I suggest you talk this through with your fiancé first, explaining that the current situation is too draining for you, and try to think of some solutions first. Then, after you've done this, explain the situation to those having moved in with you: that to have them all living there does not work for you. I don't know how understanding they will be. Sadly, regarding mental health, people are often not. But I urge you to put through with this, and take care of your own mental health first. Good luck, OP.

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