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Americans are so full of themselves that if say something that they don't like but is completely true, they point out few grammars mistakes.

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  • Seriously you again? Shut up already. How pathetic do you look complaining about a whole country over a few Americans correcting grammar. Grow up and stop whining on a confession app about something so damn feeble as grammar mistakes. More serious shit going on smh, Grow up, kid.

  • Bet this is the same bitch crying in a different confession about Americans lol. Oh boooo they corrected my grammar! I'm going to go cry about them some more oh woe is meeeee 😭 it's kinda ironic you are bashing people for bashing you. Hello, pot this is kettle. YOURE BLACK. Meaning you are being a hypocrite. Congrats on bitching about people.

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